Finding deals The first question that property investors enrolling on our property mentoring and coaching programmes have is about finding great deals.

go to site With some tested and proven strategies, it is possible to strike gold with each property, and raise your credibility and confidence as a smart property investor.

follow Zero in on Repossessed Properties Properties reach possession stage when the owner fails to clear the mortgage on the property. Banks offer attractive discounts on such properties as they usually want to clear the pending loan as soon as possible. In addition, delay in selling the property forces them to spend on its management. Given these drawbacks, banks show willingness for negotiations that can greatly work in your favour. Local estate agents, neighbourhood residents, welfare associations, and public records, are your valuable sources of information on repossessions.

source link Gather Local Knowledge and Build Trust

source url Narrow down your focus to a target market. Gather local information on recent divorces, bankruptcies, probate and evictions. Most of such information is available through public records. This strategy will give you a clear direction to base your efforts on.

kursus forex live Follow up with the people concerned through post cards, email, and phone before meeting them in person. People usually have a sentimental attachment to their properties. It is therefore essential to build trust through initial meetings and then move towards making a deal.

It is equally important to listen to the people involved to understand what they really want. This insight will enable you to create a win-win situation.

follow url Approach Vacant Property Owners before others Do 

It is crucial to reach owners of vacant properties before they list their properties for sale or hire a real estate agent for the same. Again, gathering timely information is key to success here.

Look for properties that are unoccupied. The owner might be an individual who inherited the property but is not sure about the best way to handle it as he or she lives in another city or country. Such owners are more often willing to accept the first offer they receive simply because they want the property off their hands fast, gaining as much benefit as possible in the process.

There are also properties that are rented, but the owner is unhappy with the tenants. Such properties too are ripe deal-earning targets.

Patience, reason and perseverance are crucial to be a successful property investor

Collaboration with Your Property Network (YPN) – Susan Alexander; Founder The Property Mentor

Your Property Network

Your Property Network






Your Property Network magazine and myself would like to personally invite you to join us for the launch of the UK’s first online live YPN Manchester property networking event on Wednesday 4th May at 8pm.

Hosted by myself, I will be joined by guest speakers Nikki & Patrick Hopgood from Hopgood Property and panelists Pamela O’Brien, Annabel Jardine-Jones and Andy Thompson who are full time property investors/developers and industry experts.

The team will be sharing with you their knowledge and experience and answer any questions that you may have about the opportunities (and challenges) of investing in Manchester and surrounding areas.

The event is totally FREE so make sure you don’t miss it and sign up today. Spaces are strictly limited (This is a VERY interactive event where YOU will get to ask questions and contribute to the discussion)

To register, simply CLICK HERE and don’t forget to mark the date and time in your diary.

All that is left to do is to make sure on the Wednesday 4th May at 8pm you grab yourself a cup of tea, your laptop, sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home and join us along with other like-minded individuals and discover how you can change your life through investing in property in Manchester.

We look forward to sharing this fantastic event with you.

Susan Alexander                  &               Anthony Lyons
Founder,The Property Mentor              Editor, Your property Network






How can a property investment mentor and coach can help me?

Most people think of buying an investment via the traditional route of visiting an estate agent after identifying properties online, in the press or by registering with several agents in the area in which you want to buy. However, there are lots of other ways to invest in property and I can help people identify what they are and weigh up the benefits according to their circumstances.

It’s important that those wishing to invest in property are aware of the best place to invest. This is the due diligence and it’s essential for investing in property correctly and profitably. It’s important that you look at an area, and get a good understanding of what the pros and cons are, what the rental income is likely to be and how quickly properties tend to get rented out once they have gone to market. UK wide we are seeing somewhat of a rental boom, but this will vary from area to area, and you can’t guarantee that your property will let easily just because of this trend. It’s about the individual property, the price you want to rent it out for and the tenant you are aiming at.

My job as a property investment mentor and coach is to align your goals with the determined strategy, and following this to look at the practical side of where and what to invest in. Having a clear goal and strategy helps my clients look at the finances, allowing us to a detailed plan in place to help them achieve their goal. The practicality is that once they identify an area, they need to choose somewhere to give them the returns they want and they need. We can also look at property trading, lease options, delayed completion, rent to own, buy to rent and other property strategies that could suit your own individual circumstances. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to property investment – very much the opposite. It’s about buying and selling for profit and to improve cash flow and there are many options that will help you achieve this.

So the key is getting the basics in place so that my investors aren’t only ready to get started but also to keep the momentum going so that they will achieve their goal and reduce the amount of costs that they are exposing themselves to – and also minimizing the risks.

Many people try and invest with no expert advice or coaching, instead trying to do it themselves because they think it’s like buying a home, but as I’ve mentioned before, it’s a completely different scenario. Property investing involves buying with your head, not your heart. It’s about the numbers stacking up, not the experience of living there.

The beginning of your investment journey is crucial and it’s essential that you get the right advice to understand your goals and set the correct strategy from the off, otherwise your mistakes could be very costly. Get in touch with me to find out more about property investment coaching and investing.

Listen to my audio ‘How do I get started in property investment?’

Get in touch by telephoning me on 01244 760213 or email me.

How do I get started in property investment? [Audio]

As a property investment mentor and coach one of the most frequent questions I am asked is is ‘how do I get started in property investment or buy to let investment?’

A lot of people are not really sure exactly how to start, and that’s mainly because for most people they aren’t sure what they want they want to get out of property investing, and haven’t established what their goals are. They know that investing is a good thing to do because it can create a pension, give them some cash flow, offer financial independence and allow them to give up their job, so there are a number of reasons that people want to invest in property and start building a buy to let property portfolio.

Most people don’t know where to begin with their investment journey but know where they want to end up. Therefore my role as a property investment mentor and coach is primarily to help them understand what it is what they want out of investing what goals they are trying to achieve. I find that most people, due to the economic climate, are looking for extra cash each month and believe that investing in property is a great route to achieve this goal.

Although many people don’t have a goal, there are also lost of clients who believe that they have a clear idea of why they want to invest in property. However, when it comes down to it and I ask them what their goals are, they either have several ideas that they have written down (in which case they aren’t clear in their own mind) or they know how much they want and need to make in a certain time frame but have already spent six months thinking about it without taking any action.

So the first step in getting going with property investment is to define a strategy. What people need to remember is that when they buy an investment property it’s very different than buying a home. When buying a home, it’s emotionally led with people buying with their heart rather than their head. They look at the aspect of the home, the street and nearby amenities. They will also look at the layout of the house according to their needs and lifestyle, the taste of the décor and whether it needs updating, the size of the rooms and the outdoor space. They also look at storage, and whether their furniture will fit and how their own belongings will look. This isn’t how a property investor would or should buy a property. An investor needs to use their head, they need to ignore to some extent storage space, décor, room size, garden size etc. and think more about their tenant. Is it in a good area, what are the local transport links – is it near a station or bus terminal? Are you trying to appeal to families or professionals – and if so are there good local schools and other amenities that will appeal to your target tenant?

If you are interested in property investment coaching and mentoring, give me, Susan Alexander a call.