Choosing the right property

enter Astute property investment begins by choosing the right property. The primary consideration for any investor should always be the amount of money that you intend to spend when buying the property. However, if you’re looking to make a month-on profit from your investment, it’s paramount that you consider the ongoing costs of ownership.

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enter Let’s say that you want to purchase a property for £100,00. When making the purchase, most homeowners choose to leverage the cost by borrowing from the bank.

see Once you know your monthly mortgage repayments, many people only consider one factor – what can I rent the property for each month versus the cost of the monthly mortgage repayments? Using our example, and depending on the type of mortgage you opt for, your monthly mortgage repayments may cost £300 per month, with a property has a rental potential of £550 per month. Does that mean that each month you will achieve a £250 profit for the length of time that you rent the property? Not necessarily. Property Running Costs

ironfx forex trading It’s fine to calculate that our example will yield a £250 profit for investors each month, however this is without considering the ongoing costs of running the property.

forex trend tsl mq4 By not considering the ongoing running costs of your investment, you risk not achieving a higher month-on-month yield.

cheapest forex in delhi Just as you should consider the cost of purchasing the property to help you understand the right mortgage for you, understanding what you will have to pay towards the monthly running costs is also essential.

Without a meticulous understanding of the cost to purchase and the monthly running costs, you won’t be able to calculate an accurate monthly rental price – one that covers your mortgage and the ongoing property running costs.

In addition, to effectively manage the property, a letting agent will be required. You should also factor in any maintenance costs, and any potential transitional periods where you will be without a tenant and rental income. Other property running costs also include building insurance. How Much Should You Put Aside for the Property Running Costs?

There is no accepted amount or percentage that investors should devote to the running costs of a property. However, there is a way that you can calculate the amount necessary for your property running costs.

The cost of managing the property through a lettings agent should be approximately 10% of your mortgage costs. Any property insurance should cost around £20 a month. To effectively cover any maintenance and property rental voids, you will need to devote approximately 10% of the total monthly rental income.

forex multiplier review The Takeaway

These simple calculations can help you to understand the amount of profit that you can expect to make from property you intend to rent, and understand if it’s a sound financial investment.

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