The little things mean a lot

forex trading usd/rub img_4067You may have heard the sweet rendition of ‘The Little Things Mean A Lot’ on a television advert recently, or you may have heard one of the many cover versions of the song which have been hits countless times over the years. The song itself was about all the little things that make the difference in life, and as I was putting one foot in front of me at 7am on my daily five mile morning walk the songs lyrics sprung to mind. When it’s a glorious sunny day, you’re on holiday and walking along the beach with the white sand beneath your feet, with the crystal blue sea water glistening under the suns rays as it continues to rise; a morning walk doesn’t seem such a chore, and yet when it’s a cold autumn morning, when the showers are intermittent, but are the type that get you even colder and wet right through. The back roads are muddy from the tractors attending to their harvest, and when a random vehicle comes towards you, despite you moving out of the way, the spray off the road becomes a magnetic for your luminous outfit, and when one comes from behind, but because you’ve got your hood up to protect you from the rain and wind, you don’t hear it until the very last minute, you can take evasive action and jump onto the grass verge, but one foot gets the puddle and the other sinks into the boggy verge…there is the strong temptation to stop and say to yourself, ’seriously, why am I doing this?’ – and for most individuals in life at this point, they would be tempted to give up, pick something a little cushier to do, or have not even ventured outdoors in the first place…but for me; it’s the little things that make the most difference, and it’s the consistent little things, done over time; often the mundane, sometimes challenging, maybe not the most appealing things, that in the end help you to achieve your goals.

binary code forex Yes there can be some quick wins, and yes there is potential to cheat perhaps, and find some easy fast way, but these things are generally short lived, not sustainable, and actually just aid to demotivation.

binary option 10 minimum deposit In order to keep going you have to be remain determined, motivated and in the right frame of mind to continue to put one foot in front of the other, to build up your stamina, to be in the best health to overcome any issues you encounter along that journey. I see property investment in exactly the same light; for me the little things are the fundamental difference, consistently and routinely done, in order to continue to be successful.

get link Just like my health, with property investment, I’m in it for the long term, for me it’s a marathon not a sprint, and along the way I have set myself markers that I clearly view as significant achievements when I not only reach, but pass them.

forex metatrader android What about you? What are the ‘little things that you do, that mean a lot’?, and where have you set your markers?

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