Great Inspiration, Clarity & Direction

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What a fantastic time I had in Bali last week; yes there was the obvious walking on the beach, dining by the waters edge, and mixing with inspiring and motivated individuals who want to make a difference in their lives and others.

robot forex software It was a great opportunity to take a step back, and work on the business, as opposed to in it. I find that when you give yourself the space to think and you are in an environment where your mind can be free to enable creativity, then clarity appears…I have some exciting things that lie ahead…What about you?

go to site How often do you get the space and time to focus on your business or building your investment portfolio to ensure you are on track and it’s working for you.

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Performing under the Spotlight

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follow The news is currently full of the American Presidency Campaign as it draws closer to the election results in November. Apart from the fact that the Campaign seems to have gone on forever (slight exaggeration there obviously), what stands out to me, is how an individual conducts themselves under the spotlight, how they build relationships around them, and the messages they project, really does have an impact, influence and makes a key difference. If an individual conveys an image or persona that isn’t actually who they genuinely are, then the cracks will slowly begin to appear, or if they are put under pressure then the cracks will rapidly increase. If they aren’t clear about the message/s they want to put out, then they are going to appear inconsistent and unsure of their facts. If they are building relationships operating from a position of gain, as opposed to a win win for all parties, using individuals for the task in hand, and stepping on them to get to reach the next level, then their reputation will catch up with them…and the pinnacles of success that was once within their sights and grasp, will actually disappear. I don’t often watch the television or listen to the news for that matter, unless it’s property, business, golf or match of the day related (sometimes Holby City when my partner forces me to watch it), yet the dynamics of the election campaign has intrigued me in an entrepreneurial way; how individuals perform and operate when placed in a different sphere, fascinates me…some struggle and withdraw, some get cocky and arrogant, whilst others with guidance, support and mentoring are able to thrive and actually shine.

fresare il forex I’m not just talking about politicians here, this isn’t limited to the likes of Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, those on our own doorstep here in the UK; Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, or even Boris Johnson, it applies to each and everyone of us – even in the Property World.

The way we are, can make a massive difference for you and I on our property investment journey; in terms of the success we have, of the relationships we build, the reputation we create for ourselves, the professionalism and credibility we have. Being genuine to your core values, being clear on where you want to get to, having clarity on the message you want to convey, creating a win win where physically and financially possible, building strong, honest relationships and conducting yourself in a professional and ethical way, and taking all of these attributes with you at all times on your journey will mean your chances of true success greatly improve.

Life’s all about the Journey


There is one thing that is ultimately clear, and that’s the fact that our final destination is already pre determined, so life in itself then, is about the journey that you and I both each have towards this point. Now there can be many mini destinations (goals, achievements, pinnacles, experiences) along the route of that journey, and this is where it’s different for each and everyone of us.

What I know is that life is way too short in my opinion to be spending time, and in effect ‘wasting’ it, on things that you are not passionate about, or with people who are not worthy of your precious time.

Think about the things that you are spending time on; how do you allocate this time?

What are you passionate about?

I’m assuming one of the things that you’re passionate about is investing in property, or having a property related business, so let’s explore that for a moment…

What are you doing right now that you are passionate about? Because if you’re passionate about something, you’ll be more motivated, you’ll have more energy for it, and that passion will ooze out for others to see, therefore you’ll be more likely to attract other passionate and positive people towards you. The way you communicate will be different, and you’ll find you actually close more deals (whether that’s an investment deal, or you win more business).

Being clear about what you want to be, do and have is fundamental, because you’ll see more opportunities, and open up more possibilities that are appropriate for you.

If the passion no longer exists, either change it, or find something new that you have a passion for. If you don’t have the passion in what you do, it will zap your energy, motivation, and your prospects for success.

You are in control of the journey; yes there will be plenty of obstacles and challenges along the way, but getting back on track, and how quickly you are able to do that is something you can address if you are clear about the next stop and stage of your journey, so if you haven’t already done so why not start working on your route map for life. If you don’t, either someone else will provide you with theirs to follow, or you’ll be spending your precious time going around feeling lost.

If you need some help with plotting your journey, forex trading sessions why not take advantage of our TPM FREE Coaching Call, and let’s look at your ‘route map’ together.

Warm Wishes


Growth and Development


The saying goes…’You’re never too old to learn’ and it’s true, life is a continual journey of learning and self development. You and I absorb new information every single day, from either listening, observing or experiencing life. It doesn’t harm to want to challenge and potentially push yourself a little further to cultivate, enhance or build on what you already know.
Learning and development to enable growth is an ethos that runs through the heart of everything we do at The Property Mentor and through my other business ventures, and last week was no different…
I signed up to work with a great visionary; embarking on a new period of self development and growth; which will take my professional and personal journey to another level, whilst our TPM Creative Director; began the second year of her doctoral studies, with the focus on entrepreneurs.
So where are you on your learning and development journey? What are you currently doing to sow the seeds for, to cultivate, develop and enhance growth in your property investment projects and business?
If you feel you need a little help in gaining clarity, and identifying areas for growth and development, then why not utilise the opportunity of a FREE Coaching Call; with one of our TPM Coach and Mentors.

Are you in the right frame of mind? – Susan Alexander; Property Entrepreneur

Your mindset in simple terms, is the way your mind has formed a set of preconceived meanings and interpretations gained from your own personal previous experiences, thoughts and actions, or the understanding and meanings you have reached from family, societal or historical messages. Its the running account your mind keeps to manage and process all of these things.

The word itself almost infers that your mind is fixed; and for some individuals they can go through life having a fixed, narrow or rigid mindset.

However just because something is ‘set’ doesn’t mean that it has to be ‘set in stone’…in my own personal opinion; anything that has the ability to be ‘set’ can be unset, or reconfigured to operate in a more efficient and productive way.

So the question is, how do you go about changing a mindset that is fixed or is potentially not working that effectively for you…

First of all you need to look at how your mindset it’s actually operating currently; meaning, do you think from a more positive or a negative position?

What does your inner critic or voice tell you? Is it encouraging or discouraging, supportive or unsupportive, optimistic or pessimistic,,,and how do you deal with these things?

Do you catch yourself in the moment of those unhelpful comments and give yourself a little pep talk, or do you run with them and give them unnecessary airplay time?

In order to set your mind on the track of more positive and helpful stuff, you need to have clarity on what it is you want, i.e how you would like your mind to be, or to work for you, then you have to work out your strategy for getting there, define your plan and take the necessary and appropriate action.

For example, If you wanted to lose weight, it wouldn’t just happen by thinking about it. You would have to set yourself a goal, work out a plan and strategy for achieving your goal, and then set about taking the action…but it takes time, practise and motivation to get those muscles into shape so that they work for you…the same applies to your mind, you have to work those muscles, and brain cells, you can do this by making a conscious effort to think positive thoughts; affirmations are a great way of doing this. Also hang out with people who are positive. Listen to music that is inspiring and positive, likewise if you find yourself sitting in front of the television, put on something inspiring and positive, if you are constantly watching negative things happening in different formats, its only going to reinforce any negativity in your life.

Yes negative things do happen in life, but when they do, even if you don’t feel like it, force yourself to do things to feel more positive, and as Joanna Lumley; the British icon and national treasure said to me earlier this week “force yourself to attack life, life is for living, and happiness is a discipline”

Best wishes


An Ultimate Entrepreneur! – Susan Alexander; Property Entrepreneur


When you heard the word ‘entrepreneur’ what springs into your mind? For you, what does that word, or image conjure up?

Someone who sets themselves up in business perhaps, creatively focusing on how to maximise ventures into profit?

Perhaps one of the first things that spring into your mind, wouldn’t be Helen Beatrix Potter. However this year is the 150 celebratory anniversary of the birth of this instrumental woman.

Beatrix Potter as she is known worldwide, is best remembered as being an amazing writer of children’s books featuring animals (i.e Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck). The continued success of her books are due to the crafted stories, and the beautiful illustrations which have captivated many.

Above all Beatrix was a canny businesswoman, her first book ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit was published in 1902, and in 1903 she made and patented a doll of Peter Rabbit, and embarked on numerous forms of merchandise to illustrate her stories, all of which were licensed by the publishing company that represented her, and of which she made a healthy income for the rest of her life.

Potter became a significant land and property owner, buying up numerous farms in the Lake District, she become an exceptional farmer breeding Herdwick sheep, and worked with the National Trust to preserve the landscape for future generations, leaving over 4,000 acres of land, 16 farms, cottages, and almost all of the original illustrations of her books to the National Trust.

She also made a difference in other quarters setting up a Nursing Trust, and was also a Patron of the Girl Guides…

In 2015 an unpublished book was discovered in the Victoria and Albert Museum archive, and this book ‘The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots; with illustrations by Quentin Blake, is to be published 1st September 2016 to mark the 150 year anniversary.

Potter; although born into a wealthy family, was determined to make her own way in life, and make her own money. In a time where women were not recognised in some societies and circles for their intellect, or business skills, didn’t have the ability to vote, and were often not taken seriously, and despite these challenges, negativity, and personal tragedy (the loss of her fiancé Norman Warne) she was able to push forward, achieve her goals, and leave an amazing legacy for future generations to enjoy on many levels.

What do you want to achieve in your lifetime, and if you want to leave a legacy, what would it be?…Let us know via our social media pages…

Glass Half Full/Half Empty – Susan Alexander; Property Entrepreneur


Our perceptions are actually unique to each and everyone of us, and yet when you and I, hear the popular saying ‘Is your glass half full or empty’ there is obviously two options of an answer, the choice is yours whether you you answer it from a position of optimism, or pessimism.

This decision can also be formed depending on how the question is framed within the context and environment, therefore if you surround yourself with positive people and you are operating from a mindset which is more geared towards positivity then chances are that you will be more likely to choose the glass is half full scenario, if the environment or network you find yourself in is more negative, then unless you are aware of this and have your own mechanisms to stay healthy from a mindset perspective, you are more likely to approach the question from a pessimistic stance.

In my own view of course, there is a third option…regardless of whether you see the glass as half full, or half empty, you have the opportunity to assess the situation, seek out the tools and resources, get help if you need it, and go find the water to put into the glass, making the half full or empty dilemma potentially irrelevant.

My motto is ‘Change Your Mindset, Change Your Success’

So let me ask you this question “Is your glass half full, or half empty’

….Answers on a postcard, on our social media pages please 🙂



Your Property Journey…Time to Celebrate – Susan Alexander; Property Entrepreneur


Version 2

It is easy to forget in the hustle and bustle world of property investment, being a property entrepreneur, and getting involved in and looking for the next exciting deals, to actually stop and take a moment to recognise and celebrate how far you have travelled along your journey.

Whether big steps or little steps all of these things count, it is often the little steps, the little things that you do repeatedly that make the big difference and build up the momentum…if you can imagine a row of dominoes lined up, and I push one of them over, they will all knock into each other and create momentum…the same as a tiny snowball at the top of a mound of snow, as it rolls down it builds up speed and also grows bigger, more solid and robust.

Taking note of and recognising those steps, actions and milestones along the journey, help you to keep going when times might get tough. If you don’t have key points built into your timeframe to stop and reflect, or you do, but they are sporadic, then build in some more opportunities to celebrate, and recognise your achievements, believe me it will keep you motivated and spur you on even further along your journey.

Monday 25th July, saw one of our TPM coach and mentors celebrate their first year anniversary of running the TPM property networking meeting in Warrington, and with other TPM property meetings established in other places around the country, it’s important for us also to reflect on how far we have come on our own journey this past 12 months…

Having successfully launched The Property Mentor Franchise Ltd, taken on a number of franchisees, training them as Coach & Mentors and to establish their business; and using the model, systems, training, knowledge, experience and expertise, created and developed over many years by me helping hundreds of individuals to not only build substantial and profitable property portfolios, but more than that, enabling clients to have a platform to be in control over their own future, lifestyle and financial stability…

As the founder of TPM, and having created and developed this platform to enable more individuals and potential clients to get help on a wider scale through myself, my team and our TPM Coach and Mentors, in a variety of formats, programmes, packages and networking opportunities, it’s great to have that opportunity to reflect and think yes, whatever you and I want to, and set out to achieve, we all have the potential to make a difference…no matter how big or small, for ourselves and for others along the way.

So what is the key to making that difference…well your reason why is so important, but it’s also fundamentally about your values*, beliefs, morals and being true to them.

For me, life is not just about making money, it’s about how you operate, how you treat others, about sharing your experiences, skill set and knowledge to help others and enable them to have the same opportunities too.

Good luck on your own journey**, and if we at TPM can help you along your property journey, whether that be to build your property portfolio, or if you are interested in joining us as a coach and mentor, please do get in touch.
Warm wishes

Susan Alexander

Successful Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, Founder of The Property Mentor (TPM)
Values – I talk about values on p.31 in July Edition Issue 97, of Your Property Network Magazine.

**Journey – I share my property journey ‘Follow the golden brick road to property success’ on p.33 – p.35 in July Edition Issue 97, of Your Property Network Magazine

Holiday Season – Susan Alexander; Property Entrepreneur


Over the years, when I have asked individuals why they want to invest in property, apart from the obvious of wanting to give up their day job, and have more money…the majority on reflection say, that they want the opportunity and choice to have more time with the ones they love, soaking up new experiences and living life.

As one of my commercial businesses is a counselling and psychotherapy practice specialising in relationships, I know how important and fundamental it is to ensure that, one of the things you might be on your property investment journey to enhance, (i.e family life and your relationship), isn’t dented or damaged along the way…so the holiday period is definitely a great time to make sure you’re all on track and working together as a unit on your end goal, and the expectations you all (family) have of what is needed to get there, are all aligned. Working together on this will mean you are more likely to move along together at the same pace along your journey, and that one party doesn’t feel that they are either lagging or left behind. Spending quality time (not just time) together is key.

So the holiday season is technically upon us, schools have broken up for the summer period, and it’s a chance for some to spend some quality time with the ones they love, so we all at TPM, hope you manage to get some time out to relax, enjoy and have some great experiences along the way.

Enjoy your summer, whatever you are doing…

Here at TPM Head Office, we’ll all be sure to make the most out of it, and for me personally you can be guaranteed I’ll be factoring in some golf along the way 🙂

The ‘Real Term’ Value of a Coach & Mentor – Susan Alexander; Property Entrepreneur


Well, another Wimbledon has come and gone, and on display was not only the skill, determination, focus and handwork of the tennis players themselves, but also the ‘real term’ advantages and benefits of having an experienced coach and mentor!

Not only did I witness the immediate results of this, through Andy Murray’s timely return to the successful partnership of working with Ivan Lendl, seeing Murray claim his second Wimbledon title, but also the long term results and success of Serena Williams claiming not only her seventh Wimbledon title, but also equalling Steffi Graf’s (Stephanie Agassi as she now is) amazing number of twenty two, single’s championship titles, and how she cites her coach and mentor (Patrick Mouratoglou) as being a fundamental part in refocussing her motivation and determination since he began working with her in 2012.

Granted not everyone can afford a Lendl or Mouratoglou, but it is clear that to achieve great results whether that’s in sport, business or in any other field, those that have coaches and mentors do have an advantage over their counterparts.

How will a coach and mentor be able assist you on your property investment journey?

Why not take a look at what other investors have said RIGHT HERE, and why not take advantage of a ‘1 x FREE 30 minute coaching call’ to explore this further source site RIGHT HERE