Why Coaching works

forex trading group The term coaching and mentoring can sometimes confuse because some people are unsure what the difference is and are uncertain what the benefits might be of having the services of one.

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http://dhandyguy.com/dqi/1768 Coach-Mentor-Ball-So let me explain what the key differences are and I will also highlight the benefits…
Coaching is much more impartial, structured with a specific task or goal to focus on within often specific timeframes
to operate within, which looks at the behaviours and skills of the individual in order to introduce change or rekindle or enhance such skills and behaviours and through this coaching improves and enables performance and growth,

fibonacci trading strategy books Mentoring is much more of a relationship where there is mutual respect, and collaborative working where ideas, knowledge, information, insights and experiences are shared. The communication and interaction between the mentor and mentee builds, develops and flourishes almost in a natural bespoke, adaptive and flexible way. The focus is mainly on the individual needs of the mentee, assessing, reviewing, reflecting on the growth and development of the individual and providing a platform for the mentee to achieve their goals.

http://www.kodning.nu/dqw/5857 The benefits of having a coach and mentor can be second to none, it’s about defining your goals and targets, gaining clarity on what you want to achieve and why…your why is a really important element and it’s vital to your success that you really have clarity on your why. It’s about assessing which strategy is going to most meet your needs of achieving your goals and targets, and then really drilling down on the actions, timeframe, and accountability appropriate and necessary for you to create the opportunity to achieving success.

http://www.shepherdess.co.uk/dae/9884 If done in a flexible but structure way, with accountability, yet motivational and supportive communication then an environment is generated where your ideas and creativity are free to flourish, meanwhile you are learning key pertinent things and gaining guidance and relevant insights which get you the results in a faster more comprehensive way because you are able to grow and develop whilst dealing with change and progress from both a performance and individual needs perspective.

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