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Your Property Network magazine and myself would like to personally invite you to join us for the launch of the UK’s first online live YPN Manchester property networking event on Wednesday 4th May at 8pm.

Hosted by myself, I will be joined by guest speakers Nikki & Patrick Hopgood from Hopgood Property and panelists Pamela O’Brien, Annabel Jardine-Jones and Andy Thompson who are full time property investors/developers and industry experts.

The team will be sharing with you their knowledge and experience and answer any questions that you may have about the opportunities (and challenges) of investing in Manchester and surrounding areas.

The event is totally FREE so make sure you don’t miss it and sign up today. Spaces are strictly limited (This is a VERY interactive event where YOU will get to ask questions and contribute to the discussion)

To register, simply CLICK HERE and don’t forget to mark the date and time in your diary.

All that is left to do is to make sure on the Wednesday 4th May at 8pm you grab yourself a cup of tea, your laptop, sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home and join us along with other like-minded individuals and discover how you can change your life through investing in property in Manchester.

We look forward to sharing this fantastic event with you.

Susan Alexander                  &               Anthony Lyons
Founder,The Property Mentor              Editor, Your property Network






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Buying property in London? – Susan Alexander; Founder The Property Mentor (TPM)

Over the last decade property prices have gone up sufficiently enough in the Capital to squeeze out a significant number of potential property investors from being able to build or enhance their portfolio with property in London.

Added to that the increase in the number of overseas investors saturating the London property investment market, and it becomes even more of a challenge to make inroads.

Yes, there are still investors, who are able to get property in London, but it is continually becoming harder for most to invest, without appropriate knowledge, education, support and access to money.

How can you like other investors then, get your foot on the ladder, and tap into the potential benefit that property investment in London has to offer.

Well there are a number of Crowd Funding Platforms springing up, as I have already discussed/raised via the newsletter before, and you may already be aware of these yourself, however I am always keen to share with you, exciting new developments along the way, that may be of interest to you, and has the potential to help you on your property investment journey.

I want to share with you, news around an exciting opportunity from Crowd With Us (CWU),

Let me tell you a little about these guys…

Crowd with Us was formed to not only run a business that is ethical, but to open up the property market to all levels of investors and help those such investors benefit from the wealth created.

Rob Wilkinson, (CWU Director of Operations & HR) also Paul Higgs (who is on CWU Advisory Panel), have both been former clients of mine through my coaching and mentoring business; The Property Mentor, and I have also know Thor Portess (CWU Finance Director) for many years through the property investment environment, and networks. They have a wealth of experience between them, and are actively involved in creating opportunities in the property and businesses arenas.

I’d invite you to take action and learn more about Crowd with Us, consider registering to see and keep up to date with potential opportunities they may have, which might appeal to you or someone you know in your capacity as a property investor

Click Here

Rob Wilkinson

Rob Wilkinson


Successful Entrepreneurs don’t re-invent the wheel they replicate it with bells on! – Susan Alexander; Founder The Property Mentor

If you stop and think for a moment about some of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs (or successful individuals in general), they look to emulate other people or particular people. They look to someone who has or is perceived to have the experience, knowledge, expertise and success in the remit, area or skill set that they are looking to progress with.

There are ways to do this; either if possible seek out such a person as a coach and/or mentor, attend training, seminars, workshops, conferences or meetings at which such a person is speaking at, or buy products whether written, audio,or visual to keep reading or listening to their journey and nuggets of wisdom and insights they share.

Obviously you cannot morph yourself into the other person, because you won’t have had the same experiences, you won’t have absorbed the information in the exact way that they will have; because all of us have different lenses that we interpret things through which are unique to ourselves – there are some similarities and themes of course, and it’s about learning about these similarities and themes, replicating them and making them work for you with bells and whistles on.

Who can you look to emulate, and replicate their successes?

Susan Alexander Founder The Property Mentor

Susan Alexander Founder The Property Mentor

The Referendum is Coming! – Susan Alexander The Property Mentor (Founder)

The date is set, and it has been positioned as the most important referendum in the UK since 1975.

There is an element of the unknown with a referendum of such importance, because there is no certainty of the level of impact that it will have on many levels.

Clearly it won’t have an immediate impact, and if the public vote with their feet on the 23rd June then changes will occur over a staged period no doubt.

So where would it leave property investors, in particular those that have an interest in investing in commercial property…

The commercial property market (in particular cities such as London) has a large representation of European Businesses especially banks, and therefore it is assumed that they will move their businesses out of the UK…although this IS speculation and not a guarantee.

What are your thoughts around how leaving the European Union may affect/impact (if at all) your property investment journey.

Why not engage with us on Social Media and start the conversation…

Check out this article for additional perspectives around this topic here


Define, Plan, Action, Focus – Repeat! – Susan Alexander The Property Mentor (Founder)

It isn’t ‘rocket science’ is it. If you want something in life it really does help to actually break down what it is that you want, to really visualise it, to be clear on the description, and have sufficient clarity of the mind, to define it.

Then when you are in that position, it is so important to plan the stages (steps/route) of how you are going to get that certain ‘something’. If you don’t plan, how will you know if you are on track, or doing the most appropriate things. Also if you make a plan, you can do each stage in manageable chunks…generally people who don’t do things in stages or manageable chunks get disappointed or despondent when they don’t reach that ‘something’ quickly, and then they give up, say it doesn’t work and go onto chasing the next shiny penny, or point the finger of blame at others instead of looking inwards and addressing what amendments they need to make to ensure the process works for them.

There are no short cuts to success, or ‘get rich quick schemes that work’, but you can ‘fast track’ your way to success or that something that you want…so let’s continue with the process, because once you have a model, system and process that works you can do this over and over again.

Once you have worked out your plan, then you need to take the necessary, and appropriate action…now here’s the thing, quite often people can feel like they are working hard on ‘doing stuff’ but if the ‘stuff’ isn’t relevant, or isn’t done at the appropriate time/key stage in the process, then progress might be painfully slow, or none existent. Keep assessing and reviewing whether the action you are taking is relevant to achieving your goal.

Keep focused on your plan and the actions you need to take, and you will get to where you need to be. So often individuals lose focus and start to deviate from the plan they have set themselves. There is nothing wrong with amending your plan to achieve your goal, but individuals generally go off on lots of different tangents, as opposed to taking the time to go through the process again: Define, Plan, Action, Focus – Repeat!

There cannot be enough emphasis on the importance of defining what it is that you want, planning and working out the steps you need to take to achieve this, taking the action, and focusing on this, in order to reach the target, or success that you want to achieve.

If you are struggling on your own with establishing a process that works for you, and need some help, support, guidance with this, then why not get the help from one of our coach and mentors through a FREE 30 Min Coaching Call  

or if that isn’t for you, then we have specific resources that you might find helpful on this, why not take a look:

How To Create Your Strategy & Plan

How To Get Clear On Your Destination

Susan Alexander

Great Opportunities…for great people – Susan Alexander The Property Mentor (Founder)

Become a ‘Successful Property Entrepreneur’ within 90 days!

Are you a person who is aware of the potential of investing in property, but who just does not know where to start from? Do you want some insight from a smart, imaginative and innovative property entrepreneur who accumulated unparalleled success in a very short time span? You now have the opportunity to join a state of the art and masterfully crafted online property programme, and be in a position to write your own ‘success story’…Take Action Today…

Click HERE to progress

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Investing in ‘bricks and mortar’ – Susan Alexander, The Property Mentor (Founder)

Investing in ‘bricks and mortar’ will still continue to be a vital component in increasing and enhancing wealth for Property Investors for the foreseeable future despite governments increasing initiatives to make it harder…


Well there are many reasons…but one in particular is because ‘buying properties for most’ is still out of reach.

Even those properties deemed to have the ‘affordable homes’ labels attached to them, available to first time buyers only, are still over priced for the majority of people; in particular the people the governments wants them available for!

There are ways of course to get onto the property ladder, but of course the majority of people are unaware of the opportunities or options open to them.

Education is a way for them to become aware, however it can be daunting knowing where to start, and who to invest with to gain such education.

Cutting the wood from the trees can be difficult, but there are reputable, credible and professional programmes and products out there, the key is to spend time researching the marketplace and doing due diligence.

We (TPM), like other experienced professionals in the property environment have online programmes, group programmes*, one to one premium and platinum programmes, plus a range of books, dvds and workbooks through to the ultimate bootcamp, as well as TPM Meetings to share experience, expertise, bring people together and offer support. We also have the opportunity for individuals to have a FREE Coaching Call with on of our coaches and mentors…however…

As the saying goes…

‘You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink’!

If individuals want help…help, tools, resources, and support is available…

But individuals have to TAKE ACTION…

So if you or someone you know is struggling or needs help and support, to start their property investment journey, or to kick start it, then why not reach out and help them take those steps, or if you are not in a position to do so, then why not point them in our direction :)

We have Group Coaching Programmes starting imminently…if you want to be part of one of these successful groups, then why not get in touch and we can help you take action

Check out this article on Affordable Housing


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Cherie Blair QC steps into the Arena – Susan Alexander The Property Mentor (TPM)

Cherie Blair QC steps into the arena re tax relief

This is excellent news for Landlords…Cherie Blair QC has a strong history in her career in fighting injustice…let’s keep our fingers crossed she manages to win this battle too.

Whatever your political allegiance (if you have one at all), Cherie Blair is undoubtedly an exceptional legal professional, an as an extremely influential QC she has won many battles that others thought were over before they had begun.

I know of Cherie Blair’s work around fighting injustice through our Creative Director’s (Tina Royles) work around helping vulnerable individuals, and of the difference she can and does make. So fingers crossed she can create change and help overturn the governments proposals where to date landlords are being targeted, with a barrage of changes.

This is one battle that we will be keen to monitor, and assist where necessary.

Check out the article in the Daily Mail HERE


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Gratitude, Flexibility and Property Opportunities – Susan Alexander The Property Mentor (TPM)

Susan Alexander


It’s days like these, when there is frost on the car, and the air that I breathe out begins to mist before my very own eyes, that I have gratitude for the fact that I don’t have to spend hours stuck in traffic travelling to a job, to build someone else’s business instead of my own.

These days (or for the last several years to be precise), my time is spent not only growing and adding to the businesses that I own, as well as continually enhancing my property portfolio, but supporting my TPM Franchisees, and my personal Property Coaching and Mentoring clients to build their own businesses and wealth through Property.

Nothing gives me a greater buzz than helping, and watching driven individuals succeeding with their goals, and changing their position to meet with the lifestyle they desire.

And because as Property entrepreneurs we recognise the opportunities and avenues property opens up for us, we like to give back also.

If you like sharing your experiences, knowledge and expertise to help others on their own investment journey…have you considered becoming a Coach & Mentor through the TPM Franchise Business. It enables you to continue to build your own property portfolio, whilst diversifying and building a Coaching & Mentoring Business in an area you are passionate about; property.

It’s a great way to get out of the ‘Rat Race’ and have the flexibility to operate around your lifestyle.

To find out more why not take a look at our website here, or contact us to discuss

Potential Crash – Lord Flight urges government to rethink attack

According to the Conservative peer, the governments proposed tax changes have the potential to cause a crash in the market, and need to be re thought immediately before a crisis hits.

Lord Flight; the former chief secretary to the treasury states the following:

“This will hit more modest buy-to-let investors the most, while many of the more sophisticated have their buy-to-let properties held via a company.”

So whilst there is a legal challenge underway in relation to the government proposed tax changes, now might be the time, if you haven’t done so already, to check out the pro and cons of holding properties within a company.

Check out the interview in the telegraph with Lord Flight here